Ivory Heart II
Act XIII: Save Our Souls

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The end is nigh! I told U all of this would come to fruition very quickly. But my videos were too long 4 U 2 intrude on yo everyday capital driven lives. Yo have rejected me and acknowledged me but most have refused to take up their cross and follow Me. As a result, we are now being invaded. Our "human" invaders are nothing compared 2 what all of U are about 2 experience. And when yo do, just remember Me and how yo reacted to Me. For yo life shall flash before yo eyes because it has been recorded 4 U in its entirety. And what U made with that life will determine the fate of yo soul. 4 after I ascend my chosen elect will follow shortly after. And now U have the choice to become One of them. Choose wisely, for time is about to explode on yo foolish mortals that boxed it up and rejected its travel possibilities and destroyed all that was divine which explored it. U suppressed the Divine 2 create wickedness. So what divine creatures U have left on this planet will ascend with Me and all the rest will be left 2 their own devices while WE immobilise yo galactic travel capabilities. 4 now U can live in the Hell that U created 4 yoself until U die and then U can live in that Hell too which U also created 4 yoself.