Ivory Heart II
Act XII: There Will Come Soft Rains

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Hesitate not! 4 the clock is about 2 expire. And when it does, Wormwood shall take over our lands and inflict great pain upon our lands. And My Second Coming will B revealed globally and each individual who has not been overcome by wickedness will be given a last chance: 2 B with Me. 4 none are now judged on their "beliefs". 4 such misunderstandings will become publicly debunked. 4 d Life Force will Reveal all 2 Us, and WE THE PEOPLE will have the option to accept OR reject the truth, ironically being whatever the fuck we make it but instead of standing on the foundations of corrupt Man, integrated into reality by dat of gods. 4 d god's of God have been gifted the ability to create fact by its mere recollection: 4 WE are not as we seem. Because Earth is not the home planet of the human species but an experiment to see if mortals have what it takes to become gods. Stay safe during our final days my friends. I HEART U.