Ivory Heart II
Act IX: World Without Sin

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My time has expired because my camera has died. But now it is yo turn to shine yo light to the world. I pray that each and every one of U can use what I have provided U to save not only yoselves from this thing, but also yo loved ones. We are about to see this war unfold to its full potential and now no nation is safe. Fo U have chosen to remain blind instead of seeing, and as a result the extermination programme has been implemented because WE can not have humans invading the heavens and implementing the same processes of exploitation in which it has enforced here on Earth. For now each and every one of U have been given the opportunity to become gods. For the travel of the heavens is only awarded to gods and not humans. Fo mankind is a corrupt being and so are its oppressors. Therefore now each species is given the opportunity to ascend as this is Universal salvation. And those who do not will surely die. Please B with Me, fo it is yo last chance.