Ivory Heart II
Act VII: Death Note

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Inside every word is its trail. Every email sent and every video watched. The network of yo spy kingdom that yo created knows exactly who U R. It monitors everything about U and makes an assessment as to the state of yo soul. WAKE UP! Why do U think the US government owns Facebook and controls and regulates all other forms of social media sharing? Yo have been lied to, for yo cookies have been under the EYE of the government this entire time. It knows U very well and it is assessing who is an "infidel" and who is not. WAKE UP! Who funds our terrorist organisations? This was all a HUGE project that spanned over many generations and was implemented to purge the world of U. Now U must prove yoself as a worthy steward to be saved. Many will fall in battle but TRUST ME, OUR HEARTS WILL GO ON! Now think clearly and piece together life using logical arguments, for this is the system's weakness. For it is unable to distinguish syntax from semantics and when U create a logic-based web that demonstrates clearly what they R doing is not for the beneficent, then U empower yoself to then step in as the politician. Because we will never take back our invaded world unless each and every one of us becomes smarter than our politicians.