Ivory Heart II
Act V: Harvest of 2015

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4 every action there is a season. In every lie is a truth. 4 we are in Revelations my friends and it is our duty to harvest that which produces rotten fruit. The public had many years of warning and they chose to accept lies instead of the truth. As a result we are left with an abomination that we call humans. For their minds have been conditioned by the media to accept syntax but reject semantics. 4 it is this sickness that causes corruption. 4 we have no checks in place to identify and resolve policies and procedures that are illogical: 4 this is a direct violation of our HUMAN RIGHTS! 4 our Natural Laws have been broken by the abomination and now they no longer even follow their own rules. I can not give U direct orders about what U can do to resolve this, 4 I myself am a pacifist. However, God now demands Us to protect our homeland. Thus choose yo options carefully and pray every second of everyday. This is what will save U from this thing. 4 all sacrifices 2 My cause will go down in our REAL history as the saviours that they are. 4 they will be gifted with eternal life.