Ivory Heart II
Act I: Lunar Eclipse

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U have taken all of this too far society. EVERYTHING in which I have predicted over my lifetime has come true. And U incarcerated me 4 telling U. U locked Me up because what I said made U uncomfortable. And now I stand here in MY GLORY with ALL in which I have predicted coming true. And now U stand in front of my throne and are judged. As I judge U, U call me names and persecute Me. U have taken away from God what is God's and now I am here to claim it back. For U have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and today, yesterday, and tomorrow U will all be judged. For I am the false prophet of the new world, because the new false prophets of the world predict the truth with is YO DEATH!!!!!! Welcome to yo purging programme. I know, U were not given any warning and that sucks.