I Vow Our Righteous Youth

Released: December 20, 2012
Rereleased: April 23, 2016

Wendell takes a trip through his origins as he explains to the entire Internet enabled world his controversial sources of inspiration that drive him to live a life of compassion. How does one begin an education reformation that will result in rearing the individuals who will be responsible for making sure it succeeds? How will we respond when we learn that such a system is founded upon one individual attempting to implement a socially unacceptable taboo directly into his life? When a man's life project turns to children, we will be required to assess its content in order to determine whether or not it is appropriate for our young. And after we wake up to the core issues behind the taboo, we are presented with something different than collectively understood. This leads us to make an ethical decision as to how accurate our previous understandings are. And as Pygmalion shapes the perfect female for humanity and hopefully one day for himself, he also enables the conditions for society to allow him to fulfill all of his heart's desires. We will see...