Help Your People or Legalise Assisted Suicide

Released: January 6, 2013
Rereleased: April 23, 2016

Wendell begins the year by putting into practice all of the theory that he laid out last year. After passing the second star, Peter shows his children kin the right direction. When we look closer at what it truly means to educate a child about the most useful topics in life, we come to find failures throughout our past practices. Because our current education systems are not structured to work with each child's unique gifts. It forces a curriculum with ulterior motives upon them in attempts to build mindless future employees. But after receiving the gift of fairy dust, we come to realise that flight is in our nature. And all we have to do is know that our wings will never fail us. Hold my hand and fly with me Wendy Darling, for we will arrive at Neverland in the morning. Please never "grow up".