Divine Tragedy

Released: January 3, 2013
Rereleased: April 23, 2016

I render you all speechless but what you do not realise is that I am shaping your psychology to prioritise LOVE in the face of absurdity. Kill me if you want. But instead we COULD all LOVE! And society always proves everything that I say to be correct. This is the types of people that our current forms of government and media produces. When we ask why we live in the world that we do and are unable to answer what we can do to resolve our problems peacefully, then we demonstrate our true desires for said peace. And when we shine light upon our own stupidity on how we treat people which results in the types of people that they become, then the huge flaw in our psychology is revealed in its entirety. And now it is our own human condition that is on the table and if people do not start seriously questioning our collective actions, then mundane human made products will always be our own obsessions. And we will lose the ability to choose differently. The police were unable to do anything about this because they had no "evidence" and did not consider the witnesses, ripped out hair, blood, or this video footage as said "evidence".