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Released: Febuary 27, 2014

Last night the world ended and today we begin a new one. What will we make it?

December 21, 2012

Nothing of value in this world is yet good enough for me. I deserve the best of all things and I have given my life to make that happen. But when one reaches for such high ideals, they travel a different path then everybody else. They are required to make value judgements as to what is and is not "the best". They will constantly be misunderstood by ignorant and judgemental ears and as a result, tongues. But I have a plan and it will one day achieve every healthy desire that I can fathom.

My name is Pygmalion and I am a dreamer but my brothers and sisters of human biology spit upon this life aspiration. This makes me sad how people treat each other, so I craft an imaginary sinless world within my head and then work my life to actualise it into my existence. The mere pursuits faces me directly with the reality of alienation, subjugation, persecution, and oppression. I study them all very carefully and find their conceptual shortcomings. I then spend my life in attempts to repair these holes in hopes to one day reach my every dream.

We exist amongst a drug addicted society. The choice of drug depends on the circumstances and psychology of the subject. But in the end all are the same as they are utilised to pursuade people to not care about their siblings. Most will choose drugs that speed up their world so they might get lost and disorientated within it. In such a massive world that travels too fast to feed its hungry, the masses starve without even realising it. The amazing existence that we are presented becomes of an irritable nature. The potentially amazing people that could result from healthy mental investments are usually lost within the concept of space and time.

What we do not understand we act like we do, for how could we as humans not know something? How could we ever possibly be wrong? And we might talk so big about helping those who suffer, but ultimately we have no ability to do it because we have not yet helped ourselves. And we have no ability to help anyone else if we are unable to first repair our own problems.

Every day I long for what could be. I see divine beauty within nature and have observed that our species has strayed from it. But to give up on the pursuit to find those who have not ensures my consecutive breath. But my heart remains isolated until the day that I can find the right people for me. The cure for my condition has always been in sight. But when I get close the mirages fade from my perception. The gorgeous girl of my dreams haunts my soul every night and the more I come to learn about myself, the further direction I am given to find her. And the ultimate question is how can I find her? The methods that I utilise to achieve this task will reflect on who I am and ultimately whether or not I can be good enough for her.

So I study her soul and each day and night and as I do this mine becomes what she needs. I experience the melevalence of the typical fish in the sea and this helps me to build a bigger picture of what my Other is not. I am scolded by the ignorant and arrogant mouths of my opposing gender and I never cease to be suprised how hurtful their words can be. What is different within our society is not commonly accepted. Most people are unable to observe and analyse background conditions before they open their scolding mouths. And when they open their mouths they do not limit themselves in their content, for their arsnel is vast. These women do not resemble my Ivory whatsoever, so after each attack I brush myself off and return back to my life mission.

You see, I am a sculpter. I find myself a blank slate and carefully ruminate over its potential. I imagine what I could make it into. It could be anything that I want and every little crevice that I mold into it will forever change its existence. I then find within myself the most perfect beauty that I can concieve of and attempt to actualise it into my own existence. And this perfect beauty is the lady that haunts my dreams. And her beauty comes from within her soul and shines through her person and out to the entire world.

Many years ago I found a slate made of ivory. What a treasure this was because it was made of the same substance as the one I am trying to find. I visualised many ways that I could go about starting this project, but I knew the task was too important to inflict accidental damage upon and I was not yet skilled enough to confidently align my chissel and strike. Thus I hid the divine material away and kept it a secret. But after I learned the behaviours of many cruel people, I took my Ivory out and began to confidently and carefully chissel out my dream.

At first I searched around the globe for her. But this method time and time again proved itself futile. So then I went inside myself so that I could externalise my gifts most effectively. This transformed the seeker into a magnet.

Dearest God of Love, I pray for your divine hand to intervene in my life and bless me with One like my Ivory...