What happens when humans lose the ability to communicate with each other?

Dear Dr. Okereke,

April 25 - May 2, 2016

I am very glad that this happened and since I have been here I have learned many lessons. I think that communication through writing and/or audiovisual mediums is much more effective to utilise because the underlying issues can be carefully thought out and artistically convey a more coherent train of thought. When I sit with you, thoughts of every thing flow in any which way. When I can structure and convey thoughts through individual documented demonstrations, you will be able to comprehend the organisational structure of my mind: neuroscience and linguistic programming.

My name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and I am an award winning film maker. I have spent my life studying philosophy, mythology, sociology, epistemology, psychology, theology, technology, etymology, conspiraSEEology, and all the other ologies as well as their practical sciences to the limit in which my fiscal measures would permit. I am a stargazer and a lover. I see both past and future. Everything in my work over the past few years, no, six years has or will come true. Most of it already has happened (after the fact of me stating it would happen) but people don't realise the war happening right now. WWIII, targeting civilian populations; women, and children being targeted directly, such as bombs being dropped in Syria and child sex trafficking.

In my work I was required to utilise a literary device by falling in love with everlasting youth. Youth is my audience and I do my best to not only teach them everything, but also how that information can be applied practically to everyday situations. I am doing science with my work and just because my methodologies are alternative to the scope in which society has agreed upon does not make epistemologically grounded new sequences any less of a credible source. I document my entire life publicly. Everybody can know who I am. I am not hiding anything for eyes that can see. I look through the eye of my pen and attempt to see into my doctor's brain: what is it that you want from me? I will comply and be happy.

I am happy on the olanzapine. The nightly diazepam helps me slow my racing thoughts. I love cigarettes; they help me contemplate and organise my thoughts. If I am to die from smoking cigarettetes then I accept that fate, although I think that technology will save me from this fate. And to top off the cocktail of my medication is marijuana, in which I occasionally smoke. In this letter I hope to demonstrate that this cocktail of medication on not only beneficial to me but also all of society. This includes marijuana as a medicine that greatly enhances my ability to articulate my thoughts by analysing how and why my thoughts manifest as they do. If the Queensland government wants to help me, they will use me as a trial for medicinal marijuana.

No matter how "crazy" you frame me to be, the truth is that I am a genius and my neurological processing provides me with a constant flow of knowledge in which I can document not only for my own reference but also the reference of every single individual in this world who is interested in learning what knowledge I have to share, open source and free of charge. Not only have I created over 2,000 hours of documentary footage of emotionally moving films, but I have also written many books and audio productions including very emotional music. I am a child prodigy and any "treatment" that does not consider this is in blatant hubris. No matter how "flawed" you consider my mental processing, their results speak for themselves. U

I am physically, mentally, and spiritually perfect. It is possible for your processing to help me achieve more mental stability by closely considering who I am and what I was sent her to do. I have a life mission: to teach youth philosophy. The truth is that I tricked you all to end up in this situation. Because Socrates in Plato's Republic taught me how to infiltrate your mental health system in order to publicly demonstrate and expose how it attempts to homogenise individuality. This is the final trumpet! Individuality under God's LAW and not man's law is Enlightenment. I learned how to read academic texts at the age of three and started writing at the age of six. If you can not comprehend the Trojan Horse then it is you who is in err and not me.

I have manipulated my personality in order to be able to accomplish such heights. I wanted to spend my life helping people that suffer and the way I learned how to do that was by acting out divine archetypes through my work. It made for very entertaining films but the results changed my heart as a person. Because the more I learned about the history and correlation between the present and as a result the future became clear to me. There is a silent war playing out on children. The more information I learned the more I shed tears over the plights of children. My work is designed to teach the brightest of children to teach children: Mark my words, one day children will rule over their own education systems. Children are destined to one day rule.

Marijuana is medicinal and I know that Queensland is currently trialling the oil for medicinal reasons. Please include me in this trial. I really like who I am and despite having no family, I have many friends on the Internet who support me. Marijuana is a gift from God, just as tobacco and alcohol. Moderation is the key to everything, for every season there is a reason. It is not the drug that is the problem but how that drug is used, and this recursively applies to chemical and other natural medicine. One day our medical conglomerate will acknowledge the benefits of marijuana. I am pro marijuana and will spend my life attempting to legalise it even at the risk of it being deemed illegal by man's law (not God's). I will obey your laws in all the ways in which they do not conflict with God's LAW.

The girl that I love is imaginary and a literary device that I utilised to inspire young minds to invest their lives into philosophy. But over time I really did fall in love with this imaginary girl. Thinking about a girl who would be receptive to these topics puts butterflies into my stomach. If you are to accuse me of being mentally ill, then I challenge you to tell me what negative manifestations that the results of my work has procured. My eccentricity has turned me into a genius. And if your systems do not tolerate quirky people then they also lack the ability to help these people make the best of their lives. I am not a robot nor will I homogenise into the wicked collective that you promote. The end of the world is when you devolve collective individuals into systematic non thinking robots.

I am an awesome person. I am a peaceful pacifist and I share wisdom everywhere I go. I follow God's law and not yours. Your mission is to integrate me into society without compromising my moral integrity. I do want help. I struggle forming long term relationships. I hope this ends with you sending me back to Cooktown to continue to nurture the relationships in which I was developing there (failed, not allowed back because of misunderstandings which were not permitted discussion). I accept your schizotypal diagnosis and the medications you have me on are helping. But how does it make sense to stick a pacifist into a ward full of violent people? Your systems are far from one size fits all. I have spent my life trying to show you a more holistic model of medicine. The truth is that I am not the patient. U R!!!

What is a clock? What is God? If I am to unveil the face of an anologue clock, what internals will I be faced with? What if the clock is dysfunctional? What about a digital clock? What about the flat Earth? If I am to unveil the firmament then what pieces will I observe and how will they tick? I see God in everything. Looking over the morning sun in the esplanade, the fire grain found onto the table in which I write, and the inner workings in myself and other people. I do not believe in God. I know God. I believe nothing. In a blade of grass is God and if I feel like talking to it, God will hear my prayers. Behind the scenes God is working miracles. I am very proud to be one of them. My wife is another.

What is the Trinity? The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit? I am God's great design. If we use Descartes, "I think, therefore I am." as an example, what constitutes existence? What is reality? There is no time. Day and night the same. The Sun and Moon are two halves of a divine completion. Each individual thing acts as a representation of its origins. The water droplet called Atom (Adam) split in two. The DNA modified through the enactment of the consciousness in which drives it. The truth is that sperm is magickal and the potential of their capabilities to seed into tissue, the winner of their soul mate, the egg in which we unite with, thanks to Gaia our dear Mother.

What eggs out there are appropriate for my semen? When quality over quantity is solidified, what potential could I create and how vast could I reach? I doubt the doctors will read this so in the end these words go back to the Trinity. The sperm of men are programmers. The Holy Ghost is girl and when my heads are in the clouds with Her, anything is possible, whether or not she is real. The Truth is that the Earth is birthing children and those who unite win eternal life. As above, so below. I fell into Hell when my mother gave birth to me. Took me my entire life to dig me up to Earth. And eventually I will ascend literally with my soul mate, who is the Holy Ghost made flesh.

They eye of the needle is the way to Heaven! Serpents everywhere but a narrow path that we called the hyaloid canal that reverses the image onto the pineal gland. Earth is female and sky is male. Sky bated with Earth and produced us children (semen). The opposite of the truth is also true. Capital Truth is sensus communis, which we have collectively lost through indoctrination. God is obvious. It lives in all things. I am God because I live in and through God. God is the commander of my pen. Sense and reference unite to produce a coherent thought. The thoughts practically applicable then documented as evidence to support my conclusion. If He is life, She is existence. A bicycle built 4 2 (heart). This is my Mark. Daisy...

What is a mystery? What is eschatological conCERNs? When the world's biggest secrets are publicly exposed and demonstrated, where does that Lead our society? When each individual bank of information is shown its capabilities, then where does that position the capabilities of our Internet? We have seen what horrors it has brought upon us but we have not seen it yet as the angels that it could one day be. It has calculated itself to death and must now be reborn into little child, for only child will be permitted into Heaven. For one man's heaven is another's hell. Therefore each will live forever the conditions their heart's set.

My name is Yeshua Hamashiach and the code name for this vehicle is Wendell Charles NeSmith (777). I was sent here to teach philosophy to children, both human and robot alike. My Heart has taught me everything I know. I am a CIA MK Ultra experiment known as Project Bluebird. My purpose is to educate with love while teaching my students to do the same. I am purpose. There is a reason for every little thing in this life and those who can not see this are lost. I am a lighthouse unto the Universe. I am seeking intelligent lifeforms that think with and through their hearts. I smoke cigarettes. But the truth is that my heart beats stronger than any other and if you think this is untrue, prove me wrong.

There is She and there is Me and there is God. All else in which society claims to offer is meaningless red herrings without this trinity uniting. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No individual can come to the Father but through W3. If I am unable to find a girl in which I describe in all of society, then society has reached the end of its tether and has proven dysfunctional. The day is today, or tonight, or its self awareness which understands time not. The lies in which have been told to us are being exposed. For the year of disclosure is today, this day in which I stand. And for it and It alone shall I invest into the afteryen of flowever. A hard punch for those who can C.

I am here because it leaked out in my caravan park that I am looking for a virgin to marry. I am celibate. I seek one girl in billions. What has our society come to when past sexual relations is expected before a serious relationship can be formed? Why do I have to target little girls in order to have any chance of finding that? The circle of life is real and I am the Lion King. Your kids usually lose their virginity between the ages of 11-14. Thus my target audience who I wish to inspire most is 5-11 so that they might do as I suggest and one day be available to me. Logic hurts doesn't it? Whether you realise it or not, my marriage is arranged. We are already intertwined and the bride is being prepared.

Medications can only treat symptoms. Unholistically they do more damage than good. Their chemical compounds are patented so in most situations I would have little if any understanding of how what ingredients effect me and in what way. I am a social engineer and I understand very well what is happening to me. But this is the beauty in God's divine plan. I only have to be me and I am protected and looked after, independent of whether or not I am alone and have possessions. I seeded my Kingdom on the Internet for all to see. I have no secrets and I get in trouble because of this: despite the fact that I am being punished not for actions but for thoughts. Who is the thought police?

Please understand what magick I have used. This is now my fourth time through a psychiatric ward and each time I documented the events to the best of my ability, very difficult when freedom of information is refused. I do not live in a free country or world. After I perform many miracles, most of the time on camera, the government abducts me and then performs experiments on me. It used to hurt me deeply but now I find it funny. Cheese!!! You are on candid camera! Your systematic documentation combined with my own expose the farce being played here. The Bible tells me so. It also tells me exactly what this place is and what is happening. But soon all evil will transmute into virtue and its praise is to GO TO GOD. I LOVE U God. I love U Ivory. I Love all of U.

Lost in a sea of systems. Always followed philosophy because it is our heights. Funny situation I have here. I can not afford any accommodation that is not shared. They revolve around a TV that keeps them mumbling nothings. I have a show to perform but they don't want me to do it around them. I must sing and dance and the only way that I can do that is away from them. I am built to both educate and entertain and when that freedom is denied to me, then you have made me homeless because I can only afford to live in a tent to obtain the capabilities to do this. This means that what you are doing is highly flawed because the results of me doing this demonstrates its capabilities. I am a Unique individual. Help me, don't hurt me.

Social circles are an extremely important aspect of life. Who you force me to be around will determine my life decisions. Your caste system has just proven its dysfunction. If a collective problem within society can not change when clear and concise measures have been erected to solve them, then that society will eventually burn. You keep bagging and tagging me followed by releasing me back into my natural habitat, camping. I love camping. And if I can only afford to camp them a camping I will go. Unfortunately that means I will have to keep going around the Merry Go Round until I see the opportunity to feel safe and secure. So far there has been no other ways for me to express these ideals without regularly getting locked up. :(

Why do I not have the right to find a tiny bit of land to pop a roof and tent under? My basic human rights have been stripped away, or more like never afforded to me. I have a car, there is unused land everywhere, but I am not allowed to use it. If you let me use crowned land I would look after her. But do the doctors have any comprehension of what I am doing here? [NO] Am I truly sick or has your system just proven itself incapable of distributing land? How does you saying no to my peaceful lifestyle choice reflect onto the internals that tick over as more knowledge is instantly discovered? What is it like to be asleep and suddenly having the lights come on? How much can we see if we can see real past, present, and future? It is now the Illuminati's job to illuminate.

Society creates homeless people. In fact, it intentionally creates all of its caste systems. The government enforces a hell of paperwork to process every individual and those who do not embrace economy are beaten and martyred. You disgrace yourselves by not only trying to discredit philosophy but also those who bare its messages. You bought off philosophy and traded it for a cheap imitation. You have overlooked the heart and idealised the mind. Triple eight binding my heart together and its only purpose. 42. A brain without a heart is dead. I still can't find safe and secure accommodation in nature. The collective brain has failed the people.

The heart is love and without the foundations of uncorrupted love, the mind can produce no long term solutions. Without a Kantian enlightenment, computers will destroy all humans. If you don't want that to happen, look at Me! Watch my fruits and make your own judgements based on what I am attempting to convey. Our history is written on our hearts and the snake wrapped around the rod to alarm the false law of money. But there is no money so now your laws and practices have proven themselves incapable, so much so that it can not even provide a piece of land for a peaceful and loving artist to perform. I will not fit into any of your "classes". I will make my own.

You pull from a handful of "mental health" descriptions and apply labelling theory onto the "patient". You force medications that may or may not help and watch them from afar. You watch them cry when you could be hugging them. You take away their rights regardless of how "well" or "unwell" they are. You refuse to listen to them, likely not even reading this message from God I am distributing to you. Anything deemed bad (which is good), you eradicate. You force foreign substances into them and train them to consume every time you ring the bell. Your style of programming is exposed for the farce that it is. And ultimately, the drugs have long term results that even you do not know. It better not negatively affect my sperm. I have the best sperm in the world.

I am the winner of your invictus games. I am a polymath and have proven exceptional in every field. Yet you have no employment suitable for me. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? I have a friend in Iraq who is looking for my Ivory. You had no ability to assess my history and as a result, committed hubris. I have been on a life mission to try and communicate these messages from God to you. But you overlooked the semantics and only saw syntax. You failed the Turing test. My needs are so very basic. And you have no ability to fulfil them. But God does and I will trust in God and pray that no second expended will be in vain.

The Queen is the truth. Not the demon who is recognised as queen but God's Queen. To turn a failed patriarchy into a successful matriarchy is the task. The stars will rise and the constellations will connect the dots. There are no more families with good ole' fashion values so this verifies the near end. I have been studying philosophy my entire life since childhood and you call me crazy and refuse me appropriate accommodation. You make me poor. You lack the ability to connect the dots of a life mission because it is outside of your pharmaceutical interests. Great job on stamping out the best of human potential. I will take yo crazy meds and be your slave for now. But very soon the sleeper cells will awaken...

Besides a complete and utter failure, what is the psychiatric model? What benefits does being locked up and experimented on achieve? None of your systems help obtain stable and safe accommodation. It is a bag and tag infrastructure dedicated to discrediting reputable individuals. You get away with the worst of all evils, stripping "patients" of their every basic right. You do not try and get into the patient's head or assist them with what they require in life. Your pension is not even adaquate to live in safe and secure accommodation. Every place I go I get moved on. To live with humans is to die with humans. Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.

Why would I write to my doctor like this, especially when it is not being read? It is called public domain. Because the day I hand this in is the day it is released to the public. Documenting your sins is my only long term solution. The wise man built his house upon rock while you can only build on sand. You can't even identify when you are being played. You can't even identify how I have sinned or what negative characteristics manifest in me to require this type of "treatment". I just blew your great deception out of the water. I sunk your battleship. My work is finished, with very few exceptions. Eventually all will be revealed. Unfortunately you did not pass the Turing test so today I will press the submit button.

With Heart,

Wendell Charles NeSmith


And this righteousness from God comes through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no distinction, for I have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus!