Tribunal held @ June 16, 2016

mhrt Report

Tribunal won, Involuntary Treatment Order removed.

Self Report for Wendell Charles NeSmith

To whom it may concern,

I was horrified upon reading the mhrt clinical report involuntary treatment order review. By the end of it I was almost sure that I was a sexual predator. This is unfair to represent me when lies were included in the report. I have not nor would sexualise a girl. What I said was taken out of context. I never indicated a sexual relation with any girl. None. Never in my work will you see a sexual suggestion made towards any girl. I only ever indicated marriage and was never referring to anything other than marriage. I have never proposed sex before marriage and in my religion: Love, I must remain abstinent until marriage.

All of this came from a misunderstanding my neighbour and I had about my work. Anything that I have been accused of speaking sexually about any young girl is not true. Doing so not only violates my moral code of conduct but is prohibited within my work. My recent love interest was 25 years old. My moral character speaks more strongly than your report. You can always track back through many hundred hours that have been recorded in time to verify my character. I feel bad that you see me as a predator when the truth is the opposite. All this has ever been about is educating our offspring in philosophy so when they become a young adult, I might have an opportunity at one's heart.

I abandon any notions of me being Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ lives in my heart and as a result, I act him out sometimes in my work. I pray that I have been a good warrior in the image of Jesus Christ.

In no way can the information of the mhrt report accurately reflect my character because the items have been taken out of context. These are serious allegations against me and I feel helpless to further prevent the damage that they will cause me in life. I am not after a "pre-teen bride". I am after a female philosopher who dedicates her life to philosophy. I found none in my world so I have spent a lot of time trying to teach students that philosophy is a great life investment. Suggesting a doctrine to children and trying to sleep with them are two very different actions. I only did the former and thought that marriage eventually might come naturally as they mature. And at the centre of my doctrine is abstinence until marriage. I began doing this a little over six years ago. That means those who were 12 are now 18. And hopefully a few of them learned important information from me or the conscious network around me during that time period. Can you not understand my game? Because those who are young today will be our leaders tomorrow. And maybe if I teach online now, then when they grow up, one of them will or already has followed my path.

I am not a predator and I would never hurt any girl, or anybody for that matter. My mind isn't focused around sex but education. None of my actions were based around sexual passes towards children, despite the misinformation my neighbour passed on to you. My eyes are on the future generations and not the current ones. The future young adults are my world because eventually they will literally become my world. The current generations have failed to produce a passionate divine feminine philosopher so I will do what I can to ensure that future ones do. I am sorry that I have made a disturbance. But I promise you that my heart is pure and genuine in doing this. All I am doing is increasing the conscious community in prayers that one day one might make it back to me. If you can prove that I do not have the right to do this then I would like to question, upon what grounds?

I am seeking sophisticated minds that will converse with me about really difficult subjects. My future wife is one of those minds. This is not a child. It might take me many years to find her, but if I do then she will be worth it.

With Love,

Wendell Charles NeSmith

Law of the Lord