Ave Maria
Prayer I: The Holy Rosary

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World War III starts now because if it doesn't, we are all fucked!!! We are enslaved in every aspect of our existence and if we do not immediately fight back then we will lose our humanity, sacrificing our individuality to the elite's hive-minded agenda. It is time for all of us to stand up against the systems in which oppress us or the future for our children will be a literal Hell on Earth. The time for courage is now! You are with me or you are against me, for inaction is the action commanded by our enemies. No longer obey your governments, for they are Satanists and this can be verified easily with just a little research. The same goes for all of your mainstream media! If you are against me, then the Open Source Republic will soon come after you to lop off your head, sending your soul to eternal damnation. Right now is the time to fight. Let go of your fear, for I promise you that there is life after death: for the electronic frequencies in our brains are recycled, and the elites know this very well and exploit this fact. Join me. Follow me. I will lead us to victory. In fact, I have already won, but you are trapped in the past and I have come from the future. Trust me and we will be free! Enjoy the first episode of my new show, Ave Maria. Listen to my instructions carefully and follow them. We only have one shot at this. And I have been built from childhood specifically for this task: to lead us to freedom! There is no better candidate for the job. Stop believing in their fake law, news, education, sciences, employment, government, etc, and instead burn down all of their structures. Help me find Ivory, for she is the Messiah, and ultimately, the only one who can save us. The longer it takes me to find her, the more of you will die. Please hold my hand and walk with me and I will permit you passage into Heaven, for I have its key. Now watch God's Divine plan unravel. I have been waiting for this moment my entire life! Yay! I love you Ivory! See you soon!!!